Grove Park's Resident Lady

With respect to female ghosts, I first heard about the Pink Lady when I was in my last year of high school (2013 to 2014). One day before cl

Let's talk more WWE 2K22!

Since the creation of modern wrestling video games (think WWE '13 onward), WWE 2K has sometimes offered a pre-order bonus with each year's g

Japanese Legends: Episode 3, the "Kappa" - The Modernist Son

Image Credit: Overview: The third legend narrative of this series is the creature known as the Kappa, which translates to "river child". The Kappa narrative also achieves prosperity as a cautionary tale, meaning it warns young children of the dangers of running water. Within a folkloric context, legend narratives often exist in variation. With that in mind, I am choosing the most "pleasant" version of the Kappa narrative I could find when conducting research. The Ka

The Preservation of Traditional Narratives through Popular Video Games, featuring "Fable"

Image Credit: TheXboxHub The following article was originally published May 30, 2020 through the LinkedIn database. Since originally publishing this article, it has provided a large amount of feedback, which includes users sending me private messages. On August 9, 2020, I started my own brand called #TheModernistSon. Thus, I am republishing this article so it is available for readers through my own domain. Abstract: The world of video game culture frequently integrates storie