This upcoming horror collection will be called Destroying the Summit, and will be released at some point over the next year. I will be b

"There's No one Like You"

This is a sample from my next poetry collection. This poem is a work in progress, and is not actually aimed at a specific person. Instead, t

"Our own Versatile Zoo"

As part of this graduating class, we've embarked on an unforgettable mission Together, we stand tall as friends, allies, and even mortal e

Red-eyed Prosperity

Red eyes in the distance; their mistakes allowed us to prosper Thriving visitations, year-round ever since; all because of its deadly gaze

Hidden in Plain Sight

For centuries we've searched for a city composed of solid gold; but "that's just an old legend" they say Things get better, it just takes

Save Us

Photo by: Patrick Perkins The scientists were to blame; at least that's how the warrior felt His embodiment had been consumed by the...

Archer of Everything

His arrow creates; yet is more than capable of destruction His skills hold the key to his responsibilities on the highest mountain Bring

For my Wife, Sami

She's a companion of Aphrodite, a friend of Herra; a familial associate at the Olympian's greatest hall She doesn't know it yet, but she's

Spirits of the Fallen

Don't wander too far at night You'll be risking your fragile, young life In the deepest locations, amongst the series of islands The so