This upcoming horror collection will be called Destroying the Summit, and will be released at some point over the next year. I will be b

Welcome home to Pandora

Back in 2009 there was a video game released to accompany the film, but it was critically panned. I have never played the 2009 "Avatar" vid

Home-made, Seances and Fun!

I mentioned in a blog post earlier today (at the time of writing this article), the concept of seance rituals became popularized in Latin Am

Hidden in Plain Sight

For centuries we've searched for a city composed of solid gold; but "that's just an old legend" they say Things get better, it just takes

Save Us

Photo by: Patrick Perkins The scientists were to blame; at least that's how the warrior felt His embodiment had been consumed by the...

435 Days (Homage to Hades)

It's been 435 days Nothing has truly changed in this time; Human beings continue to thrive and prosper; all in his name Don't you recal

The Warrior vs The Villain

We are often subject of controversy throughout our lives, But that should not change our ultimate plans There will always be someone...

Wandering for Survival

Photo by: Kato Blackmore Your sword is sacred, and it's the source of your protection in the Capital Among the isolated streets,...