Why did they Enlist?

The concept of the "anti-hero" became a popular mindset during the four year duration of World War One, as young men believed they were some


This upcoming horror collection will be called Destroying the Summit, and will be released at some point over the next year. I will be b

The Life of Cait, Part 2

Not surprisingly, Cait does not enjoy her experiences at the Combat Zone. More specifically, the player soon learns Cait has been fighting i

Save Us

Photo by: Patrick Perkins The scientists were to blame; at least that's how the warrior felt His embodiment had been consumed by the...

Human Race

The world is in a fragile state; When did we stop working together? "Will this really cure us?" people often ask Instead, the same people

My Nuclear Winter

Photo by: Elena Naylor "When will people understand?"is a question we hear at an alarming rate The sickness contained within our veins,...

Love and Fury

Photo by: Marek Piwniki Love is often found in the darkest of moments; yet the darkness can ruin our lives These entities appeared...