"007, we have your next mission"

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This film is said to be his final time playing "James Bond", as Daniel Craig (now 53 years old) reprises his role as the proverbial 007 in No Time to Die. The film is set to hit theatres September 30, 2021. Craig first played the leading agent of MI6 in 2006's "Casino Royale", 2008's "Quantum of Solace", 2012's "Skyfall", as well as 2015's "Spectre".

According to internet users, there is an untitled "James Bond" video game in the works. The most recent Bond video game was back in 2012, which was called 007 Legends. Unfortunately, the video game received negative reviews. If "No Time to Die" is Daniel Craig's final appearance as James Bond, this would be an ideal opportunity to produce a video game to coincide with the film. Of course, the video game should be released sometime after the film. That way, players will not experience a "rushed" product- at least in theory.

Having been born in 1996, I grew up in the 2000s. When I was a kid, Bond video games were among the most popular for players. More specifically, the concept of portraying James Bond was a fascinating experience.I was researching backwards compatible Xbox 360 games available on Xbox One, last night. I was disappointed to learn the "Quantum of Solace" video game wasn't available. Nevertheless, I really hope there's a new James Bond video game at some point. I believe the majority of gamers might feel the same way.

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