2nd promo for horror collection #themodernistson

Here's another preview for my upcoming #horror collection.

"The Seeker"

Awaking every night at the same time, this has become my life

Beyond the echoes of the raging city, rests a town embossed by a tender grove

Amongst the humble nature of the close-knit community, something watches us- and continues to do so as long as we breathe

"What horrors await us?" the elders will ask, demanding a form of response

Something observes this vulnerable town, scraping its claws against limestone and further damaging the town's prosperity

As of right now, the town will remain safe as the creature is not ready for its ultimate descent from the hillside

The creature acknowledges its own reflection; immediately eliminating what remained of its glass structure

Some say this creature was once human, but became lost amongst the chaos around it

I have never seen this creature, yet I know it keeps getting closer

My nights have become sleepless, and I now wait by my front door expecting to challenge the seeker

©The Modernist Son, 2020-2021. All Rights Reserved. Atlantic Canada.

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