©The Modernist Son.

I took a walk, just yesterday:

consumed by the happiness trapped within a capsule of time

This land belonged to us, and nothing could remove it from our fond memories

These fragments of events which were once lost have thankfully returned

I remember you my friends, yet it's been eleven years at this time

Again, the world belonged to us... even if we knew we would soon go our separate ways

Our adventures were never-ending, and we drank soda while we traveled on two wheels seeking out more friends to travel with

We rode our bikes, and felt the world had settled within the palm of our hand; never escaping from our tight grasp

Nothing will ever compare to this- but I hope my own children get to live the same way

I remember you from back then, my first real crush and best friend

You saw me like a brother, but that didn't matter to me

My loyalty to you was unmatched, and I wish you the best

I didn't realize until later, you were exactly what I needed back then

I threw our friendship away, but we can't forget how this summer was immortalized

Your blonde hair danced with the light of the moon, while fairies crept upon the shore of humanity

This was a small town that never slept, and how I wish I could go back

©The Modernist Son, 2020-2021. Atlantic Canada. All Rights Reserved.

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