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"Kenny Omega defeated Jon Moxley to win the AEW World Championship with the help of Impact Wrestling Vice President Don Callis, who was serving as a guest commentator for the main event." Retrieved from

Note from the Author:

Kenny Omega is the current AEW World Heavyweight Champion, and has held the title for 47 days at the time of writing this article.


The following article is in no way legitimate news regarding the forthcoming console experience from #AEWGames. In that event, official posts would come from All Elite Wrestling themselves. It's no surprise that AEW has taken the world by storm since its premiere in 2019, and one of those reasons is the company provides something fresh for wrestling fans. Of course, some of the roster, fans had already been familiar with them- such as Chris Jericho. With respect to the nature of this article, I will determine which wrestlers will hold each championship in my copy of the game, following its release.

Prior to the establishment of All Elite Wrestling, Chris Jericho won the IWGP Intercontinental Championship in 2018. Furthermore, Jericho was also the first AEW World Heavyweight Champion.

Image Credit: New Japan Pro Wrestling

It's Official:

In late 2020, the official announcement was made- there WILL be a console video game from All Elite Wrestling. Actually, there will also be two mobile games available for wrestling fans within the next little while. Despite the final release date of the console experience being unclear (at the time of writing this article), we cannot dismiss the anticipation from wrestling fans. I wasn't old enough to remember World Championship Wrestling (WCW) while it was still active, so I've never actually played any of their video games. With the creation of #AEWGames, I'm pretty excited to enjoy something besides WWE when it comes to wresting video game experiences! In the link below, here is an early preview trailer of the video game from All Elite Wrestling:

Credit: AEW Games

Who Should be Champion?

In terms of how the video game works out, I am making this list- hoping championships will be available in the forthcoming console title. If that is the case, I am hoping players will have access to championships during standard gameplay (exhibition), and not just while playing season mode.

So, let's start with the most-recent championship created in All Elite Wrestling.

4. TNT Championship: Adam Page

Image Credit: All Elite Wrestling.

The current design of the TNT Championship is actually the third, despite being an active championship for less than a year. Unfortunately, the second-ever TNT Champion Mr. Brodie Lee (Jon Huber) passed away in December of 2020. Following his passing, All Elite Wrestling have since retired that version of the championship, and have given it to his young son. Moreover, this was done as a means of honouring Brodie Lee's legacy.

Prior to the death of Brodie Lee (The Exalted One), Adam Page has been trapped in a liminal space since his dismissal from The Elite. For a few months now, fans have been left anticipating whether Page will actually #JointheDarkOrder. In terms of bringing the TNT Championship back to the Dark Order, I think Adam Page would be a suitable candidate- even if that's in video game form.

"Hangman" Adam Page is one of AEW's rising stars.

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

3. AEW World Tag Team Championship: Private Party

Credit: All Elite Wrestling. The inaugural champions were SoCal Uncensored, winning the titles on October 30, 2019. (Pro Wrestling Dot Net)

AEW's Private Party are a young team, and they have proven themselves during the majority of their matches. The team are managed by wrestling legend Matt Hardy, and it's only a matter of time before Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen become the youngest team to hold the straps. Despite only being active wrestlers for a few years, these guys are incredibly talented. When the AEW console game is released, I'm putting the belts on those guys.

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

2. Women's World Championship: Penelope Ford

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Penelope Ford has been wresting on the independent circuit since her debut in 2014, and was signed to AEW in 2019. Ford is only twenty-eight years old, which means she will theoretically be one of the "big names" leading in AEW over the next decade. Penelope Ford has beaten current AEW Women's Champion Hikaru Shida at least once, so it would not be surprising to see her eventually become a champion herself. Personally, I think Shida is a great champion. However, she will have to lose the belt at some point, right?

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

1. AEW World Heavyweight Champion: Jake Hager

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Does Jake Hager need this win? Well, not necessarily. However, I do believe Hager was criminally underused during his time in WWE. Since his departure from WWE in 2016, Hager has made a definitive impact on the independent circuit. Since joining All Elite Wrestling, he has become a prominent member of Chris Jericho's "Inner Circle".

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

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