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(c) SoulCalibur (1998)

One of the first video games I'd ever played was SoulCalibur 2 on the Nintendo GameCube. When I played this game as a kid, I couldn't help but feel fascinated by the character of Cervantes. It was clear the character was no longer alive, but I had no idea how Cervantes died at the age of 48 or 49.

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Although in his first video game appearance (Soul Edge, 1995) he was human, Cervantes ultimately dies through his obsession with the evil sword. I first learned of this character when I played SoulCalibur 2 on the Nintendo GameCube, when I was a kid. When I first played this game, it becomes clear the setting is not present-day. Interestingly, there are characters from places all over the world. For instance, Talim was from a small village in Northern Asia.

(c) SoulCalibur 6

Cervantes had an illegitimate child , and her name was Ivy Valentine. With respect to the character of Ivy, she remains one of the most popular characters in the franchise. However, Ivy was placed into foster care following the death of Cervantes, as well as her mother. Not surprisingly, the death of Ivy's mother came as a result of Cervantes' obsession with Soul Edge- as it very much ruined his life.

In the beginning (while he was in his 20s), Cervantes served as a privateer with allegiance to the Spanish Crown. Furthermore, Cervantes was sent to reclaim loot for the Spanish King. Unfortunately, things didn't work according to plan. Cervantes' father was killed by an English pirate crew, and his resentment was a factor in his turn to piracy.

(c) SoulCalibur (1998)

Cervantes later possessed the evil sword, Soul Edge. Having been conquered by the sword and his soul devoured, Cervantes continued to kill all those which stood in his way for the next twenty years. Despite his reign of terror, Cervantes was ultimately killed by the combined forces of Sophitia and Taki.

Keeping that in mind, Cervantes is later resurrected by the fragments of Soul Edge lodged in Nightmare's body. However, this is not the only reason for his resurrection- Cervantes is very much a ghost of the person he once was, even while he was still alive. Soul Edge had destroyed the renowned privateer, and consumed every aspect of his life. Prior to his obsession with finding Soul Edge, Cervantes was well-respected and had a good relationship with the King of Spain. Unfortunately, this is just another tale of how good cannot always conquer evil.

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