Apparently #Xbox20 is trending?

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Despite its twentieth anniversary being November 15 (North America), #Xbox20 is trending on twitter. Back in 2001, the three primary consoles were the Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, and the original Xbox.

"The EB Games in Coquitlam Centre is now back and better than ever! Stop by and check out our newly improved space! See you soon!" ©EB Games Canada, via Twitter. 2017.

I remember going to E.B. Games (then-known as Electronics Boutique) when I was a kid, buying games for my Nintendo GameCube. During these trips, I noticed games for the original Xbox. We had no idea the Xbox 360 (2005-2013) would become one of the best-selling consoles... ever.

I'll admit, I never owned an Xbox until 2015. However, I have become a big fan of the console and brand ever since.I played Nintendo and PlayStation most of my life, but ended up buying the "Forza" special edition Xbox One for Christmas in 2015. Unfortunately, my Xbox doesn't get much use lately (I have limited internet access in my bedroom), but don't let that fool you. I love Xbox.

The die-hard Xbox fans know how this works: when Sega stopped releasing consoles by 1999, many of those employees took positions at Microsoft. So, in a way, Xbox is an extension of the Sega consoles from the 1990s.

Following my first experience with Xbox in 2015, there have been some games I've enjoyed the most. Keeping that in mind, most of these games are not Xbox exclusive. However, that cannot take away from the experience.

2015's Fallout 4 is one of my favourite games, ever. It was my first "real" RPG, and I've become a fan of the genre ever since.


Fable 2 is my favourite video game of all time. I've written about this franchise in the past, and can't wait for next installment. Yes, it's actually happening.

Tell Tale's "The Wolf Among Us" was the first game I played on Xbox One. This was based on the "Fables" comic books series from Vertigo. Since I love this game, I ended up reading the books from Vertigo.


The Modernist Son, 2020-2021.

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