Are there Unknown Creatures Hiding in Project Riese?

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Between 1943 and 1945, German soldiers conducted a project known as "Project Riese". The latter term being the German word for "giant", this project was largely unfinished as it was abandoned before the Second World War actually ended

Besides the abundantly clear horrors surrounding the Second World War, there are some possible events the history books are not going to tell us.

Unfortunately, Nazi soldiers and medical professionals did conduct experiments on Jewish people, as well as people with disabilities. With respect to genetic experiments, it's possible something has never left the area known as "Project Riese".

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This unfinished German project consisted of seven underground tunnels, which remain mostly unfinished. Not surprisingly, the area is extremely dangerous and only certain aspects of the tunnels are supported by stone structures.

"The purpose of the project remains uncertain because of the lack of documentation. Some sources suggest that all the structures were part of the Führer Headquarters; according to others, it was a combination of headquarters (HQ) and arms industry but comparison to similar facilities can indicate that only the castle was adapted as an HQ or other official residence and the tunnels in the Owl Mountains were planned as a network of underground factories."


According to the little information the public knows about this place, the construction was done by forced labourers, prisoners of war- many of which died from disease and malnutrition. Since little is known about Riese due to lack of documentation, it's difficult to determine why these tunnels were even considered for construction.

So, why is this relevant to what we discuss at Well, consider how many people lost their lives during construction. Needless to say, it's possible these tunnels in Owl Mountain are haunted by the souls of the dead from the Second World War.

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Of course, there's possibly something else in these tunnels.

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Explorers came across this creature while they were in the Riese tunnels. What is this? Just based on its appearance, it could possibly be some sort of failed Nazi experiment. If this creature is real, was it once human? Or is this something different entirely?

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