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(c) Inuyasha. When a child dies, the Soul Piper stays and plays with the child until it is able to rest in peace. As long as the eyes of the monster remain closed, there's nothing to be afraid of. (

When the #COVID19 pandemic caused my workplace to close for a few months in 2020, I ended up having a lot more spare time on my hands. I'd like to believe I would have followed this path anyway, but the COVID-19 pandemic gave me the opportunity to work on my writing extensively. It's been a dream since I was a kid, and I'm glad I've been able to get started with this process. Thank you for all the support, it's much appreciated.

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While I was off work, I started writing internet articles, and one of the first focused on Japanese folklore and myths. More specifically, I wrote about the Kitsune which comes from Japan's rich mythology and stories. If you notice the new logo here at the blog, it's a fox playing video games.


Since the founding of my own brand #themodernistson in August of 2020, it has been an honour to welcome proudtreecko, bookshelfies, and coryjj23 to my blogging team. I've been watching Japanese anime since I was about eight years-old, so it's not surprising I learned about some yōkai from those television shows. More specifically, the yōkai in today's article comes from the Inuyasha anime, which ran for about four seasons.

Japan's most dangerous:

In today's blog post, let's discuss the "Soul Piper". This yōkai was said to be born from the souls of dead children, and existed since at least the Feudal era of Japanese history.

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Despite its menacing appearance, the Soul Piper is not necessarily a malicious spirit or demon. I've always said I would refrain from writing about demons, but this is a creature from Japanese anime. So, not exactly the same thing as writing about real-world demons. That's a topic I refuse to touch, as I try to provide readers with a relaxing experience.

With respect to the Soul Piper, this creature serves as a judicial figure. More specifically, the creature plays with the souls of dead children until the child themselves are ready to accept their fate and crossover.

(c) YouTube/ Jade Harley. Not surprisingly, the music played by the Soul Piper on its flute is beautiful. In most cases, the Soul Piper remains calm and guides the souls of deceased children until they are ready to accept their fate. However, there's always a twist, isn't there?

In terms of the anime's folklore, the Soul Piper is not considered a threat unless its eyes open. In the event the Soul Piper were distracted or interrupted, this would mean a vengeful wrath for anyone in close proximity.

So, what could cause the Soul Piper to become violent? Well, once the child realizes they are dead and not just having a fun adventure with the Soul Piper, it's likely they will panic. If the child panics, the Soul Piper will become disturbed and drag the child to Hell without proper and final judgement. I find this creature interesting not only because it associates death with peace and acceptance, but it's also an original yōkai created for the Inuyasha anime.

(c) Inuyasha

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