California is the Home of a Famous Ghost!

(c) Pluto Plus. "High on a cliff in San Mateo near Half Moon Bay, a restaurant called the Moss Beach Distillery sits overlooking the ocean. It is a very popular restaurant, and diners flock to the establishment for good food, good wine, and spirits…especially the ghostly kind. You see, although the establishment has a fascinating history all its own, it is most famous for one of the most notable unsolved mysteries in California. This is the story about the Blue Lady ghost." (


In April of 2021, I wrote an article about the "White Lady" ghost. Since publishing that article, it has become one of the more popular posts at Fortunately, that's the result I was hoping for. I wanted to write about the "White Lady" and other versions of the legend for quite some time. As a child, this legend of a lady in white always fascinated me.

According to internet users, people often attribute the name of a ghost based on what the apparition is wearing at the time of alleged sightings. Well, that's more than fair in terms of name-placing. Unless the ghost is Anne Boleyn, it's often difficult to determine who that person was.

Fair use. "Anne Boleyn was one of the many wives of Henry the Eighth, of England. Since her death in 1536, Anne Boleyn's ghost has been spotted countless times. Therefore, Boleyn's ghost is considered the "most famous" of them all." - coryjj23

In this case, the "Blue Lady" is often identified by her evening gown of the same colour. This story is similar to that of the White Lady, as the Blue Lady's story is also one of a broken heart.

Reported Sightings:

Moss Beach Distillery is one of California's most famous restaurants. The establishment has been there since 1927 (first, as a speakeasy), but rose to prominence by 1933 as the successful business it is today.

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The restaurant itself overlooks the Pacific ocean, and people enjoy the food, as well as the environment. Well, I'm not here today to discuss food and the restaurant's famous menu. This is The Modernist Son, and we're here to talk about ghosts and other paranormal events.

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Well, unless we're talking about video games instead. Although guests and employees have claimed the distillery is haunted, skeptics have been quick to dismiss this idea for decades. According to former guests at the restaurant, "various people have lost their lives over the years" in the building. Not surprisingly, this has led to allegations their spirits continue to haunt the grounds of Moss Beach. (information taken from

More recently, waitresses working at Moss Beach have claimed to experience "winds that swirl through the dining room when no windows or doors are open." (

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Despite the seriousness of this claim, paranormal investigative teams have not reported significant activity from the California restaurant. Instead, paranormal teams have discovered devices that would create the illusion of "haunted effects" for those visiting the restaurant and hotel.

(c) Ken Travels/ YouTube.

Story of the Blue Lady:

The famous story surrounding the restaurant comes from 1927, when Moss Beach was still a speak-easy known as Frank's Roadhouse. This unnamed woman was a regular customer at the establishment, and often wore a blue dress during her evening visits.

(c) Hilton Head Monthly

According to this narrative, the woman had fallen in love with the bar's piano player, despite already being married to a prominent bootlegger. The lovers communicated in code, and the woman indicated she wished to meet her lover on Moss Beach just below the restaurant. However, during the 1920s Moss Beach was a popular location for bootleggers as it was separate from the rest of society. Since bootlegging officially became illegal by the 1930s, the practice was still somewhat frowned upon years prior.

With respect to the legend, the husband is said to have followed the lovers to Moss Beach. Next, the husband fights with the other man, but the "Blue Lady" intercepts and is fatally stabbed. Of course, this was an accidental death.

So, there are some people living in the area that believe this story is authentic. Moreover, some residents of Moss Beach believe the ghost appears to intimidate other women, as well as haunt the grounds of the restaurant and hotel. Of course, there are also people who believe the story was fabricated in order to attract tourists. If that's the case, the plan was ultimately successful.

The Hauntings:

What do you think is the take-away from this story? Is the Moss Beach Distillery actually haunted, or have workers fabricated this story for customer traffic? Well, I would love to visit at some point to find out. - coryjj23

(c) Jonathan Mumm/ YouTube. The self-aware humour in this video is amazing.

In order to answer this question, it's necessary to understand the details of the reported hauntings. In terms of rationalizing the paranormal activity of Moss Beach, the employees have added some devices to create a "haunted experience" since the 1990s.

The team from popular television program Ghost Hunters were invited to investigate the restaurant in 2008. According to, the investigators "found a series of pranks built into the restaurant, like a ghostly face in a bathroom mirror and a speaker that emitted laughter when triggered by a sensor." (

In terms of reported hauntings, visitors have claimed to see the Blue Lady on the cliffs outside the restaurant. When children approached the spirit, she warned them against the dangers of the cliffs. According to former employees, the Blue Lady is not malicious. However, her pranks are often in, more or less, good fun.

Another example is the spirit removing objects from certain places, as a means of playing tricks on the owners. Furthermore, there are also examples of the Blue Lady appearing in the rooms of guests, just to check up on them.

(c) AmysCrypt/ YouTube.

So, is this place really haunted? I'm not quite sure myself, but let us know your thoughts!

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