Can spirits manifest themselves through objects? (Derek and the Haunted Car)

When it comes to the history of ghosts, it's popular knowledge the most famous ghost of all time is Anne Boleyn, former wife of Henry the 8th. In terms of how spirits manifest themselves, sometimes they attach themselves to objects of significance.

Although cursed objects are not exactly what I wish to talk about, since I'm refraining from discussing demonology and shadow people on this blog.

Why? Because that's truly beyond my limitations. I don't want to discuss something so dangerous. However, I do believe it is necessary to discuss how spirits of good-natured people can attach themselves to objects of significance.

Sometimes in life, people cherish objects and these objects remain important to them- even in death. For instance, I have heard stories of music boxes that belonged to a deceased person, playing on its own. With that in mind, I feel it's important to share the story of a family friend. In order to protect his identity, I'm going to refer to the family friend as "Derek".

Thanks to Hollis Porter, for the feedback on #escapingthesummit.

Although I've seen the spirit of Derek several times, it was never associated with the vintage car. Derek lived about ten minutes from me, and his daughter is now living in the house. Last week I was coming home from playing tennis, and had to pass by the house.

The door of the garage was open, so I was able to see the car from the street. Since the door was open, I glanced towards the garage and saw Derek sitting in the drivers seat before he disappeared. Since then, this has happened twice.

Have I convinced myself his spirit is attached to the car, or was this a real event?

Thank you and stay safe,


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