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Since it was announced around the time of #NintendoDirect in March, 2021, gamers and horror fans have been wondering what is the official release date of "House of the Dead: Remake". According to the Nintendo website, the game is set for some time in 2021.

This game was a spin-off from 2009. I remember playing it at my friend's house.

I must admit, I thought I dreamt this game was being remade. However, it's been made clear that "House of the Dead" is getting a remake for the Nintendo Switch. Since buying my Nintendo Switch Lite back in 2020, I have truly fell in love with Nintendo all over again.

©House of the Dead (1996/2021)

Originally released in 1996 by Sega, "House of the Dead" is a rail shooter- which were especially popular during the 1990s. By the mid 1990s, arcade gaming had evolved once again. For the first time, arcade gamers were able to use physical props to play video games.

More specifically, gun-shaped controllers were often used for games like "House of the Dead" and "Doom". I remember playing "House of the Dead" in the arcade at the mall my mom worked in, back in the early 2000s. With that in mind, myself and other kids had a lot of fun using the gun-shaped controller to conquer the living dead.

Are you excited for this game?

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