Care to travel this Haunted Highway of Canada?

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For centuries there have been claims of "ghosts appearing at roadside", all over the world. More specifically, there are countless videos on YouTube (2005-) with alleged ghost sightings on the roads of the United States of America.

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Although these stories of roadside apparitions are often similar in nature, this doesn't stop the transmission of these legends. In most cases, spirits are linked to specific locations because when they were alive, this was where their lives ended.

"Vanishing hitchhiker - Wikipedia || An urban legend in which people travelling by vehicle, meet with or are accompanied by a hitchhiker who subsequently vanishes without explanation, often from a moving vehicle. The first proper study of the story of the vanishing hitchhiker was undertaken in 1942–43 by American folklorists Richard Beardsley and Rosalie Hankey, who collected as many accounts as they could and attempted to analyze them. " (

Much like other members of this blogging team at, I grew up in Newfoundland and Labrador. If you've never heard of this place, it's a small island on the east coast of Canada. Several hundred years ago, immigrants came to Newfoundland from places such as Ireland, Scotland, and actually- my family came from Sweden at some point.

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When I was twelve years old, I moved to a small town outside St. John's called (the) Goulds. In order to protect his identity, I will refer to my friend as "Terry". In 2010, I met Terry and we were friends for eleven years- at least until recently. Despite the ending of our friendship, Terry was a supernatural buff so I loved hearing stories from him.

According to Terry's story, the Backline (back road of the community) is haunted by several spirits. Most notably, this road is haunted by the ghost of a female jogger. According to people in the community, a woman from some other part of the province was visiting a friend and decided to go for a jog late at night. Unfortunately, this mistake meant the end of her life.

This story takes place around the 1970s, and the streets weren't exactly well-lit back then. While this woman was out for a jog, she was struck and killed by a driver. With that being said, the driver also allegedly fled the area.

Let's return to 2012, when Terry told me this story. Sometime during the 2000s, Terry's older brother was driving down that stretch of road late at night. Although he didn't think much of it in that moment, Terry's brother noticed a woman jogging in the distance.

As Terry's brother approached the woman, he drove towards the centre of the road in order to avoid hitting the jogger. However, once Terry's brother was close enough to the woman he realized she appeared to be translucent. Within seconds, the woman vanished in thin air.

Experiencing a state of distraught from what he just witnessed, Terry's brother veered off the road and crashed his car in a nearby field. Fortunately, he didn't sustain any physical injuries. However, he has continued to be haunted by the image of the ghostly woman.

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