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I've been publishing articles since April of 2020, and published my first book in March of 2021. However, today is not about me or any member of my blogging team.

When I became part of the #writingcommunity, I quickly made friends with other writers. In today's blog post, I will be discussing the upcoming project from my friend Gordon Blackwood.

Mr. Blackwood and I first interacted about six months ago, and I must confess, his writing gets better every time I read it. Blackwood's writing style reminds me of J.R.R. Tolkein in a way: highly detailed, yet abundantly clear for what is taking place.

Blackwood's upcoming #horror and #fantasy anthology will consist of nine stories, and will be titled "The Magicians Tales".

©Gordon Blackwood

Here's an excerpt from the preview available on his website:

"Darmandhas knew, one day, death’s hood shall fall over his head, enwrapping him in an endless, dreamless slumber. But today was not that day.

Gray clouds hung dismally above, shadowing the remnants of a battle. Rivers of blood ran dry across the grass and dirt. Corpses laid sprawled marred with wounds. Beside them, their weapons rested the steel, stained crimson. "

For more of the sample:

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