Dark military history on Signal Hill #ghosthunting, and #EVP

Although the area is known as "Dead Man's Pond" in the modern world, the former Gibbet Hill was a site of execution a few centuries ago. More specifically, a number of French and English soldiers lost their lives at this location. In terms of execution, those considered "tyrants" would be hanged over the edge of the hill, displaying their bodies to all of St. John's as a form of humiliation. St. John's harbour is just below, so anyone in the area would see the bodies on display. It's pretty sad, but that's how things were.

Today, Gibbet Hill serves as an extension of Signal Hill National Park. However, it's important not to dismiss the dark military history from the island of Newfoundland. As the owner mentioned in previous blog posts, we have gone ghost hunting a few times now. This next clip involves one of our earliest adventures:

The Modernist Son, 2020-2021.

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