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(c) Brandon Skanes. In 2021 I wrote my first poetry book called Escaping the Summit. This book tells a story about a character named "Wilson Pike", also known as "The Warrior" by those living in The Capital. A few days ago (at the time of writing this), I thought it would be an interesting approach to turn that story into a comic book. Although I haven't started that project yet, I have considered character design.

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(c) Brandon Skanes

Although comic book stories regarding characters such as Batman and Wonder Woman from DC Comics have remained the most popular, these were not the first comic books to be published. By 1933, the first book called Famous Funnies was published by Eastern Color Printing. Furthermore, this comic book series ran from 1934 to 1955, and brought the comedic aspects into comic book story-telling. During the 1940s, super hero stories had become the most popular form of comics. However, this new-found popularity quickly diminished by the 1950s.

"Fair Use."

Since Marvel and DC Comics were experiencing a decline in sales, this was a time of re-inventing already existing characters or creating brand new ones. Something to consider is that comic strips had existed since the 1800s. However, I wish to focus on those from the “modern world.”

Although I have claimed several times that I prefer DC Comics, my favourite comic book character is actually Captain America. Ironic, in a way. Captain America is a character created by Marvel Comics, and first appeared in December of 1940. By the early 1940s, the super hero genre had a rise in popularity. Of course, this heavily relies on the presence of the Second World War- which lasted from 1939 to 1945. Steve Rogers, the man who would become Captain America; was initially rejected by the United States army due to his small size. However, here’s the Marvel Fandom website has to say:

“Cpt. Steven "Steve" Rogers aka Captain America, the First Avenger, was rejected by the U.S. Army during World War II due to numerous health problems. He ultimately volunteered for Project Rebirth where he received the Super Soldier Serum developed by Dr. Abraham Erskine. The serum greatly enhanced his frail body to the peak of human physicality. As the Sentinel of Liberty, alongside his best friend Bucky Barnes and the Invaders, Rogers and others helped the allies win the war, but not before he was lost at sea and frozen in ice in a form of suspended animation for decades. He was thawed out in the modern age to continue the battle alongside his new allies the Avengers. Cap is loyal to no politician or government and instead upholds the "timeless principles of freedom, equality and justice of the American Dream". (https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Steven_Rogers_(Earth-616) )

(c) Variant Comics

I have been a fan of comic books most of my life. Well, since about 2005. I was born in 1996, and started reading comic books with my dad when I was about nine years old. It helped me fall in love with books again, and I still read comic books all the time in my mid-20s. I have always felt a strong connection to Captain America, as his decisions are based on justice and what is right.

I love comic books. The artwork, and the format and sequence of story-telling. It has always captivated me. When I became an author for the first time in 2021, writing a comic book had never crossed my mind. Not at all. However, in the last few weeks I realize this was something I’ve always wanted to do. Yes, my dream since age seven was to be an author. I must confess, I have no idea when I will actually write a comic book. However, this project will eventually be added to my list of things to do.

(c) Brandon Skanes

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