Does the Mongolian Death Worm exist? #Chineseurbanlegends


For centuries a large, serpent-like creature has plagued the Gobi desert in greater China. People say this creature eats men, women, and children, whomever it views as a potential victim of its acidic wrath. It does not care. Although, people say it’s important not to travel in the Gobi desert alone- but travelling with a buddy will not necessarily save you from the beast that’s almost three feet in length. It might have arrived in the Gobi desert from ancient Mongolia, following the Mongols conquering of the rest of Asia centuries ago. If that’s true, it would have survived to this day. According to legend, the Mongolian Death Worm waits in the sand, seeking out its next victim, those of which daring to enter its versatile domain. (original interpretation from the author)

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