Education for the Nobles: The Same... But Different

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Looking at England during the Middle Ages, it's no surprise educational opportunities were much different for the children of nobility. Noble children were offered an educational system that was much different from other children who didn't come from the nobility.

For the children of wealthy folks, they attended university-level schools that focused on subjects such as grammar, and others which were taught in the traditional educational setting. However, the education system offered to noble children was separate from their other forms of training.

Furthermore, this made the format of learning different from what was offered to kids who didn't come from this social class. More specifically, these children had to be smart and take their status seriously.

This concept of seriousness must have continued into adulthood whereby nobility was maintained, and the level of seriousness and maturity was required for the duration of a noble’s life. Evaluating the middle-ages and pride that was required for social hierarchy, this wasn't something that could have been taken less than seriously.


To maintain social hierarchy, one must fit the role of a noble by making intelligent decisions, being well-educated, and prevailing in combat training. Being of noble birth didn't necessarily mean that one’s status could never be changed. People could certainly be sent away by their family. By a way of ensuring nobility is maintained, skills must have been justified through words and course of action.

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