Enter the Blue Lady... (Promo)


For more of their artwork, follow this link: https://www.deviantart.com/kita005/art/Blue-Lady-778609230

It's no surprise the United States of America is one of the world's most haunted places. Although its recorded history doesn't date back as far as places like England and France, the United States has its fair share of ghosts and other forms of paranormal entities to scare people.

Photo by the owner.

Later this week, I will be publishing my article about "The Blue Lady" ghost. There's a version of this ghost in the state of Indiana, but we will be discussing the California version of "The Blue Lady" in just a few days.

Our team at themodernistson.com have been pumping out lots of content within the last few weeks, so it's time for a break.

In this ghost story, a young woman's spirit has been wandering the Moss Beach distillery since the 1920s. So, what happened to this woman?

Find out more on Thursday, when we return full force with blogging adventures!

Author Brandon Skanes is a graduate of Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador, as part of the class of 2021. Skanes has written two collections of horror poems available through amazon.ca, and runs the blogging team at themodernistson.com.

The Modernist Son, 2020-2021.

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