Grove Park's Resident Lady

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Grove Park Inn of Asheville, North Carolina is one of the municipalitie's finest hotels. Aside from its popularity with guests, the 108 year-old hotel is home to a ghost known as the "Pink Lady".


Much like other adjectives used to describe spirits, yes- her dress is pink. The establishment first opened its doors in 1913, and was built by Edwin Wiley Grove. Prior to this 1913 business venture, Grove had rose to prominence in the American south for his drinks that prevented malaria.

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More specifically, "Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic" played a major role in fighting the dangerous disease that had ravaged the southern United States.

I must confess, we sometimes discuss the "unpleasant" ghosts at #themodernistson. However, the "Pink Lady" is anything but. In fact, people love this ghost. For over 100 years, guests at Grove Park have adored the Pink Lady as this peaceful spirit has wandered the halls of the hotel.

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With respect to female ghosts, I first heard about the Pink Lady when I was in my last year of high school (2013 to 2014). One day before class started, I searched "female ghosts" on Google. So, when I found a list of female ghosts- the Pink Lady was listed under the United States.

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Nevertheless, here we are: talking about the beloved Pink Lady at The Modernist Son. This young female ghost is believed to be the spirit of a woman who fell to her death, after she fell from a fifth story window back in the 1920s- breaking her neck.

Although the spirit sometimes appears wearing a pink gown, it's more common to see a female spirit in the form of "pink mist".


Well, the circumstances of the young woman's death have remained unclear. However, there are several versions of how she met her demise. In one story, the young woman came to the hotel with a married man. When she decided it was time to end the affair, she took her own life by jumping from the fifth floor balcony. In another version, she was just a young woman who slipped and fell to her death.

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