Streamer Spotlight #1

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

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I've decided to showcase others in the writing community, gaming community, or just those who want to write about something that holds significance to them. Starting now, I will frequently have guest bloggers on my website. This is the first guest blog entry, so I would like to thank Twitch streamer proudtreecko for their contribution.

- Brandon

Streamer Spotlight #1: grumpyhenna

Well, this is not quite the start of my story on Twitch but very near the beginning- a chance encounter that literally changed my life. This particular story starts in this way, watch a streamer who I had been watching for a while, it came time to end the stream and she decided to raid a streamer by the name of "grumpyhenna." There we are, brand new stream, spreading the support . Almost instantly I was hooked, though she swears that she is shy but you would never bet on that without her saying it. She is one of many shining lights across the titan game streaming platform.

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Perhaps the most kindhearted person I've ever been lucky enough to come into contact with. While we have only known each other a relatively short time- around 3 months at this point, it feels as though I've known her far longer. She's so supportive, and I also give her credit as being one of the main people to pull me out of a deep depression; going the extra mile to scold me for talking down about myself as well as going out of her way to be sure I know I'm appreciated and cared for.

She is also just one of the most genuinely entertaining, funny and charismatic people I have ever bumped into online. While it's true that different personalities click and others don't, I can firmly say that if you like me you will have a blast over there. All of this and a special friendship I will always cherish- brought to me by Twitch but a mutual love of videogames and the stories they tell. Furthermore, and in a way I guess this is life imitating art as 20 years ago: two people from different continents crossing paths without traveling was almost the stuff of sci-fi but now it's as easy as turning on anything connected to the internet .

I never dreamed I'd meet people who would become so near, dear, and important to me so quickly. The truth of the matter is, grumpyhenna is simply one who embodies what a streamer should want to be: entertaining, kind, engaging and overall just a great human being. I'd gladly stake my reputation on that as well, you can tell a whole lot about a streamer by the viewers they attract and I have to say that her viewers and moderators are kind and welcoming just like she is, and I'm sure she would have it any other way. Many of my fellow streamers who also know her also have nothing but good to say because good is all she is ever willing to put out into the world. People like her are what made me wanna get into streaming for myself, she is truly the only one who doesn't see how awesome she really is , I can only hope that writing this will bring her one step closer to seeing what the rest of us already see- an awesome friend beautiful soul and most definitely one of the good ones, to be respected , admired and loved.

Note from the owner:

I would like to thank Twitch streamer proudtreecko for their contribution on this guest blog entry. You can check out the Twitch channels of proudtreecko and grumpyhenna here:

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