Here comes the next chapter of #MarioParty


Some fans have argued the best part of #E32021 was the #NintendoDirect. Admittedly, I was looking forward to the Nintendo Showcase the most, myself.

Although fans got a closer look at the sequel to #BreathoftheWild, "Mario Party Superstars" is definitely something I will buy this holiday season. The next "Mario Party" game is set to release October 29, and will feature classic game boards from the Nintendo 64 era, as well as 100 mini games from across the series.


Since I have the Switch Lite, I haven't been able to play 2018's "Super Mario Party" without extra accessories. However, this next game in the popular franchise will feature button controls, so I'll be able to play it on my Switch Lite without any extra cost.


The first "Mario Party" was released in 1998, and the series has remained popular ever since.

Here's the trailer:

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Are you excited for this game?


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