Here's a preview of my #horror anthology...

©Brandon Skanes. The Modernist Son, 2020-2021. Atlantic Canada. All Rights Reserved.

The following article contains a preview for my upcoming anthology, The Hauntings of Honeywell Falls. None of this work is final, but is protected under copyright.

This will be the artwork for the book.

Honeywell Falls is based on my home town, which is located just outside of St. John's in Newfoundland and Labrador. The town has its fair share of mystery, so why not capitalize on that?


July 18, 2021.

Before you read this sample (early work), did you know Brandon Skanes is the author of two poetry collections?

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The Hauntings of Honeywell Falls...

"This Haven Belongs to Them"

Harvey knew that Honeywell Falls was tainted by its dark history. Residents had become obsessed with the occult and sacrificial rites by the 1850s, and much of these events were documented in the town history. Sometime in the early 1900s, the oldest church was burned to the ground, while people claimed this was the result of "God's ultimate plan". Harvey shuttered at this thought, as he felt the Honeywell Falls residents of the past were not much different from early Christians- their thirst for blood was unmatched.

Today was different: Harvey was invited to his first high school party. "Finally" he thought to himself, "I can make some actual friends." After being thrown to the curb by his ex girlfriend Natalie, Harvey struggled to maintain his role within the social realms of high school and Honeywell Falls.

The school bell chimed, followed by the onslaught of students ejected from their seats and marching towards the exit. Harvey's face changed colour from shyness as Vanessa stepped in line with him, asking about his weekend plans.

"Hey! Are you going to that party tonight?" this from Vanessa while she tucked her brown hair into a pleasant bun.

Harvey found himself admiring her beauty, rather than listening to what she asked.

Harvey was as timid as a new-born kitten, "I was invited to this thing."

"Thing? What thing?" Vanessa's pale face painted with curiosity.

"Oh, it's just a little get together with friends. We do it all the time." he chuckled.