Hidden in Plain Sight

Photo by: Leigh Hadfield

For centuries we've searched for a city composed of solid gold; but "that's just an old legend" they tell us

Things get better, it just takes significant time and the proper healing

Travel to the loneliest corners of the earth, and you may find just what you're after

Buried deep within the jungle of your mind; rests a city untouched by any form of biological clock

Time has protected this city of gold; and sustained it through enlightenment and prayer

In spite of this; people don't believe there really is a cure for loneliness

On certain days, our homage to those before us is our greatest price

Yet, we choose to ignore those which stand before us

Do not become the subject of conformity; instead, reach into the deepest caverns of your blindspot

If you have what it takes; you will not fail

Many have failed to reach the summit, but that just means that haven't searched hard enough

©The Modernist Son, 2021. All Rights Reserved. Atlantic Canada.

Note from the owner:

I haven't written a proper blog post in about a week, but there will definitely be something new on Monday (May 24, 2021).

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