How am I only making this connection now? #urbanlegends

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Sometimes I write spontaneous blog posts, whereas most of them are actually planned a few days ahead.

A few months ago, I wrote an urban legends blog post regarding the "night time passenger". This story involves taxi drivers in Japan picking up passengers, only for them to disappear from the back seat prior to reaching their destination.

Even public swimming pools appear creepy at night.

When I wrote "night passenger" blog post here at #themodernistson, I made the story my own in the process. However, I failed to recognize why the story was shared in Japan. Back in 2011, the island of Japan experienced an earthquake and tsunami which killed almost 16,000 people.

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Interestingly, this urban legend of the "night passenger" became popularized following this tragedy in Japan.

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According to Japanese taxi drivers, there have been reports of passengers disappearing from the back seat of the cab after the 2011 natural disasters.

Here's what people have to say about this:

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That's an interesting video, isn't it?

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