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Good afternoon, we are back at #themodernistson to talk about the paranormal! Well, we're going to discuss books... but not just any book. Today, I received HellBoy: Seed of Destruction (1994) as an early birthday present.

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The version of the book I have, is actually a "HellBoy" omnibus. So, it's several different stories in one collection.

From what I remember about the 2004 film, this panel is almost shot-for-shot. It's been exciting to follow HellBoy's journey of discovering the definitive truth about his origins.

Without giving too much away, I first became interested in this character about a month ago. I decided to look for some single-issue comics at a local comic book shop, but failed to find any. I recall watching the 2004 film when I was a kid, but don't remember that much about it. Not surprisingly, I'll probably find a way to watch it soon.

The title character was first discovered during the Second World War.

In saying that, my work has focused on video games and the supernatural since late 2020. Well, that's when I realized it was my niche.

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After doing some research, I realized that HellBoy is a paranormal investigator and detective. When I learned that, I was eager to read the books. I started reading "Seed of Destruction" about an hour ago, so I'm not actually finished yet. Today's blog post isn't a "book review", but more so about why I'm enjoying it so far.

A few things stand out so far:

I love how between sections of the story, readers view the same "suspect files" as HellBoy and his team. Through this style of writing, readers experience the story as if they are part of its development.

With respect to this section of the book, HellBoy is viewing suspect files. More specifically, these are the enemies he is likely to encounter.

Much like other supernatural works, nothing is quite as it appears on the surface. At the time of writing this article, I'm about 120 pages in. I can't wait to read more.

Thank you, and stay safe

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