I love Comic Books because of Video Games

The "Maestro" is a super-villain created by Peter David, and George Perez. This character first appeared in late 1992, and is a futuristic version of The Hulk. I discovered this character a few weeks ago when I picked up an issue of "War and Pax" from a local comic book shop called Time Masters. For more information about the character: https://www.marvel.com/comics/characters/1011328/maestro

When I was eight years-old in 2004, my dad would often go to a local used book store in my city. Actually, it was called the "Second Page Bookstore" and had been there for years by the time I first shopped there. Unfortunately, the business closed down a few years ago but I have fond memories of my trips to the store. Not only did this shop carry comic books, there were novels of all genres, vintage posters, classic and contemporary films, as well as collectors items.

Since my dad loved comic books as a kid, he suggested I try giving them a chance. At the time I didn't read much, so this was my dad's way of getting me to read more often. Interestingly, buying comics reunited me with my love for reading books.

(c) Marvel Comics. This was the first comic book I remember reading, and I bought this at the local used book store. Not surprisingly, it made me a life-long fan of Captain America.

Although I started off reading comics from Marvel, I have grown to prefer DC Comics as an adult. Admittedly, their brand of LEGO video games are much more enjoyable. Furthermore, DC comics provide a darker atmosphere for readers. Since I've recently become a horror fan, DC comics produce content that contains larger horrific themes for readers to enjoy.

Side Note:

Readers can now buy the "expanded" version of my first book, Escaping the Summit for 99 cents through Amazon.


I must confess, I stopped reading to some extent when I was in the fifth grade. I don't necessarily talk about this much (on my blog or in other works), but I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2006. With that in mind, it was a challenge to maintain focus for about six months of my childhood. However, comic books and comic-related video games allowed me to, more or less, have a breakthrough when it comes to my ability to focus and do well in school.

Towards the end of the fifth grade, my ability to focus had significantly improved. One of my classmates was a big Marvel comics fan, and would constantly talk about the 2006 video game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. My friend owned the deluxe edition of the game for Xbox 360, so he had access to extra missions, as well as extra characters.

(c) Activision/ Marvel Comics.

Although this 2006 video game offers players an original story, one aspect of the game proves to be even more interesting. Throughout the game's levels, players can pick up "secret" items. One of those items is digital versions of popular Marvel comics from the real world. However, it gets better than that. Besides reading the digital comic book on your television screen, players also had the opportunity to play through levels adapted from those particular stories.

Interestingly, this feature introduced me to characters such as "Blade" and "Deadpool". Playing this game reminded me how much I loved reading books- especially comic books. By the fall of 2007 (I first played this game in 2007, while still in fifth grade), my dad and I would visit our local library with the sole purpose of borrowing graphic novels from Marvel comics.

I'm now twenty-four and my love for comic books has once again returned. Within the last few weeks, I've been enjoying trips to #TimeMasters after work to buy new comic books. Of course, I don't usually buy graphic novels- they're pretty expensive. However, I've often bought single-issue comic books within the last few weeks. With that in mind, I started buying graphic novels around 2015.

Here are just some of my graphic novels, as well as a "Thanos" figure from FUNKO POP!

Here's what I bought over the last few weeks, at Time Masters.

What inspired you to start reading again?

Thank you, and stay safe


The Modernist Son, 2020-2021.





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