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The COVID-19 pandemic reached North America in early 2020, which truly changed the world. At first, people became obsessed with the pandemic and found themselves in more or less, "survival mode". However, something else happened.

In terms of film, television, and video games, science fiction and horror have once again increased in popularity. With that in mind, video game studios have been given extra time to fulfill their projects for us video game fans.


Within the last few months, I've found myself admiring horror more than ever. Although video games have always been popular, horror video games such as the "Resident Evil" franchise have continued to prosper, and "Fallout 76" has several upcoming expansion packs. Yes, horror video games have increased in popularity.

However, some franchises are making their well-deserved comebacks. For instance, the new "Mario Golf" is set to be released on June 25.

I must confess, I've never played the "Life is Strange" video game. However, a collection and sequel have been announced for Nintendo Switch at today's #NintendoDirect. "Life is Strange" is a genuine interactive, episodic video game franchise. Along with its humour, this series also provides horror elements for players.

©Life is Strange

With that in mind, I'll admit that I play my Nintendo Switch more than any other console. The accessibility and option to take the console wherever I want, this remains a factor for my new-found love for Nintendo. Actually, I fell in love with Nintendo all over again. Nevertheless, I'll probably be giving this series a chance.

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