I'm loving the #wickedweeklywordprompt!

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Recently, my friend S.B. Hammock started issuing writing exercises on twitter. With these activities, she provides a "key word" which must be included in the writing we provide.

This week, the keyword for the #wickedweeklywordprompt was "incantation". More specifically, an "incantation" often refers to a sort of "chant" used when casting magic spells.

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Although this wasn't my plan, I was able to conjure up some content for one of my current projects, "The Hauntings of Honeywell Falls" (release date TBA). Thankfully, Hammock felt my passage was well-written and quite interesting! So, I would like to thank her for inviting me to this activity.

Here's the passage:

"Harvey and Vanessa entered the small bedroom, which was lit by a menacing candle. Alysh continued swaying from left and right, reaching for Harvey's face. Alysh was drunk.

There was no other way of putting it. His words remained unintelligible, as if he were practicing an incantation of sorts. Puzzled, Harvey sought Vanessa for help."

As readers know, here's another project I'm working on.

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