Is the Grace Hospital haunted?

It's very much the case, everything was just abandoned in the hospital.

Prior to joining Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador was once its own country. More specifically, it was the island country of Newfoundland. Despite popular belief, historians will tell you that Newfoundland was never a "Dominion". Actually, that's just one of many marketing ideas that have existed since the 1980s to promote Newfoundland identity.

In today's blog post, let's look at Newfoundland's first maternity hospital. By 1923, the Grace Hospital opened its doors in downtown St. John's. Much like many people born before the year 2000, the Grace Hospital was their place of birth. Although only half of the structure remains today, explorers have found their way into the building over twenty years since its closure.

Photo of Brandon Skanes, with what remains of the Grace Hospital in the background.

So, why am I writing about the hospital I was born in? Well, it's a rather frightening area. Amongst the ruins of what was once a prominent maternity facility, lies a desolate building with a long history. Not only is this a danger to the public, people in the St. John's area claim the old hospital is the home to ghosts and other supernatural creatures.

Back in 2014, some friends of mine decided to explore the old building. I didn't join them, but they claimed to have experienced some inexplicable events. Keeping that in mind, the hospital operated for about seventy-seven years- that's a long time for one hospital to be in business. Not surprisingly, a lot of people lost their lives in the Grace Hospital.

According to local legends, the "swimming pool" is one of the most haunted locations in the facility. When my friends explored the ruins, they were able to find the swimming pool was still filled with water, fourteen years after its closure (at the time).

What are your thoughts? Do you think places are actually haunted?

Thank you, and stay safe


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