It's #nationaldonutday, from Slocum's Joe!

©Fallout 4/ Creation Club

One of the most interesting aspects of Fallout 4 was the ability to use mods on console versions of the game. With respect to gaming mods, there was a form of DLC called "Creation Club".

Today is #nationaldonutday

According the social media, and other sources, today (June 4, 2021) is National Donut Day. I must confess I work in a coffee shop, so this was somewhat exciting for all of us. Since today celebrates the existence of donuts, part of Fallout 4's Creation Club allows players to create a settlement revolving around the coffee shop, Slocum's Joe.

For Christmas in 2019, I got a custom Fallout 4 travel mug.

Prior to the nuclear blast in 2076, Slocum's Joe was a newly-found franchise, and experienced prosperity.

©Fallout 4. Despite owning the establishment, this worker does not seem impressed with having to serve me.

With this paid expansion from Creation Club, players are provided a quest to locate restaurant supplies, as well as uniforms to establish their franchise. I find this pretty interesting, since Slocum's Joe didn't get a fair chance prior to "the war", players are responsible for the franchise's success going forward.

Did you celebrate #nationaldonutday?

Thank you, and stay safe


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