KOA: A New Fandom, and Children of the Dust!

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Following its rerelease in late 2020, Kingdoms of Amalur has established a significantly larger fan community than it had in 2012 or 2013. Thankfully, the possibility of a sequel has drastically increased because of this.

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By December of 2020, I noticed some of my friends discussing the video game on social media. I work in a mall, and have worked there since 2014.

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Within the last seven years, I have become friends with several people working at different stores in the mall. Since I've been playing KOA, one of the most interesting parts of the story is how characters interact with each other. Keep in mind, Amalur is in the midst of a civil war. The Summer Fae refer to human beings as "Children of Dust." I must confess, this is one of the most clever aspects of the game. Manipulation of language, as well recognizing the human mortality. However, mortals are also called "Dustlings" by aggressive and hostile enemies.

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Last December, a friend of mine was a customer at my workplace and I asked him to tell me about Kingdoms of Amalur; as he had been posting about the video game on social media. Interestingly, I had never heard of this video game until it was remastered in 2020. THQ Nordic acquired the rights for the 2012 action role-playing game, and revived the series in the process.

©THQ Nordic

Interestingly, this was not the first time THQ Nordic were responsible for the resurrection of a beloved video game franchise. In 2015, THQ Nordic published Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and PlayStation 4. The remastered version of Darksiders II proved to be a successful method for attracting new players, as well as lovers of the original video game.


With respect to the 2020 version of Kingdoms of Amalur, for the first time there is physical merchandise based on the action role-playing game; which is a form of cultural hegemony. More specifically, wearing clothing based on Kingdoms of Amalur establishes a shared community, which resonates with love for role-playing video games. With the creation of merchandise for Kingdoms of Amalur, this allows for a wider audience of video game players through social interaction.

Although THQ Nordic produces clothing and other merchandise based on the 2020 video game, independent artists on Redbubble have also crafted products based on Kingdoms of Amalur. Not only does this allow for increased exposure of a video game which has received a second chance, independent artists who deserve exposure will achieve prosperity through love for video games.

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