Let's take a flight to the Sinnoh region #Pokemon


Back in 2006, Game Freak released Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for the Nintendo DS. I didn't play the "Diamond" version until 2008, but this game made me a life-long fan of the franchise. With that in mind, I also became a huge fan of the anime during this time.


Diamond and Pearl have become one of the most popular pairings from the Pokemon franchise, as it was the first to appear on the Nintendo DS.


From what I remember the 2006-2007 calender year provided some great video games. For instance, God of War 2 for the PlayStation 2, and my favourite WWE video game of all time: SmackDown vs Raw 2008.

When I was in Elementary school, my friend came to class one day after getting the new (at the time) Nintendo DS Lite, and his mother bought him both versions of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl.


The Sinnoh region brings back some fond memories. Back in 2008, that summer my friends and I would trade Pokemon and battle each other while we hung out at the park near my house. Although it's unlikely those friends will be getting the remake of Diamond/Pearl- it's no surprise that I pre-ordered "Brilliant Diamond" this morning. With that in mind, I just can't wait to play this game in November.

Here's the trailer for the upcoming release:


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