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Yesterday was the first #NintendoDirect in about 530 days, and Nintendo provided gaming fans with some great announcements. Although not every video game that was announced caught my interest, I thought it was a fair presentation! For instance, us gamers caught a glimpse of the upcoming Mario Golf installment, as well as the HD remake of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for Nintendo Switch. The following article will address my thoughts on the Nintendo Direct presentation, and my hopeful expectations for Pokémon's 25th anniversary in about 10 days.


Fans of Zelda had several predictions regarding what Nintendo's announcement would be, for the aforementioned franchise's 35th anniversary in 2021. Although we didn't get another remake of Ocarina of Time (1998) or Majora's Mask (2000), we did get some interesting products. Furthermore, Nintendo announced a HD remake of Skyward Sword (2011), and I'm pretty excited about that! I actually pre-ordered the game last night.

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Although I owned a Nintendo Wii in 2011, I have never actually played Skyward Sword. Despite critical acclaim for its narrative, and the issue of the origins of the Master Sword; the game was somewhat criticized for its reliance on motion controls. Thankfully for this HD remake, players have the option of using either motion controls OR the button interface of the Nintendo Switch. For instance, players can also run this game on the Switch Lite while using the right stick to swing Link's sword and defeat enemies. Fortunately, that is an option since I own a Switch Lite, myself. Nevertheless, the lack of reliance on motion controls allows potential for major changes in terms of gameplay.

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The announcement of a Skyward Sword remakes proves to be significant, considering this video game provides players with the origins of the series. Despite being released 25 years after the original Zelda video game (1986), players have the ability to enter the world of the "first" Link. Although I enjoyed the Zelda franchise as a kid, I have just recently started playing it again as an adult. Therefore, this is truly a new experience for me.

We have extra Zelda merch:

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Since I'm a folklorist, the term "cultural hegemony" comes up a lot. What this means, specific articles of culture bring people together and form a fanbase, more or less based on a shared fandom. With respect to yesterday's Nintendo Direct, the production of these #Zelda35 themed joy cons, this brings fans of Nintendo and Zelda together. Not only is this a cool collector's item, but it allows players to express their love for the series. Nevertheless, if I had a full-size Switch I would buy them.



A few days ago I made a tweet, wondering what us fans would get for the Pokémon 25th anniversary. Interestingly, Nintendo did not provide any Pokémon updates last night. However, the #PokemonCompany did tell me to "stay tuned" for February 27 in response to my tweet. So, what do I want to see in less than two weeks?

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I fell in love with the Pokémon franchise in 2008, when I played Diamond and Pearl for the first time. Although Generation 4 had been released in fall of 2007, I played it for the first time in the spring of 2008. Generation 4 brought many environmental changes for the series, as different areas on the map were distinct from one another. For instance, there were snowy mountain areas and icy caves players could explore. This specific era of Pokémon means a lot to me, since it reminded me how much I loved the series. Despite the increased difficulty, this was one of the best of its time. I really hope we get to see a HD remake, or something to that effect.

Aside from a Generation 4 remake, I would love to play a sequel to Let's Go (2018). But where should this sequel take place? Let me know what you think.

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Check out yesterday's Nintendo Direct here:

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