Make sure you die with money in your pocket #TheConjuring


In 2021, DC Comics expanded their product line with comics called "DC Horror". Originally published under Detective Comics, the company dates back to at least 1938, with the first appearance of Superman.

Earlier today, I read the first part of "The Conjuring: The Lover" which was inspired by the popular film series, and loosely based on real events. More specifically, one part of this story stood out to me. According to the story, the "Ferryman" is the demonic entity people meet following their death. So, as a means of ensuring people will be able to cross over, a silver coin is placed in their casket as "fare".

This story is similar to a tale from ancient Greece, as individuals should have a coin in their pocket following death so they can successfully cross the River Styx. According to folklore featured in "The Conjuring" franchise, coins should be placed in the casket of the deceased during funeral preparations. Consequently, their soul will successfully crossover.

Do you think this is necessary during a funeral? Let me know your thoughts.

The Modernist Son, 2020-2021.

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