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We have been living in the COVID-19 pandemic for about ten months now, and this has resulted in a substantial increase of mental health issues within twenty-first century society. For some of us, we have experienced mental health issues for much of our lives. However, for others this is a new and frightening experience. Despite the uncertainty of what will happen next on a daily basis (hello, literary modernism), as a society we need to keep pushing forward and take care of one another. Although this does not appear to be a simple task, that is because it will not be easy at all. Instead, we should focus on moving forward and remaining positive while living in a world that is consumed by sheer unpredictability.


Keeping that in mind, I have my own confession: as much as I enjoy the cultural experience of social media (well, I do have this website), most days of the week I am not actually signed into social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn because there is so much happening at once and my mental health is affected by it. Interestingly, I mentioned this to a co-worker the other day and we came to the agreement that our "brain processes too much information at the same time" In terms of our status as human civilization, we are quite vulnerable right now and that is okay, and quite understandable. The issue of vulnerability or fear is a natural response when there are major changes in our lives. With respect to the reason I am not as active on social media, I do this in order to appreciate the organic beauty one can find in the world. For example, listening to an old record and drinking a cup of coffee. Without the presence of social media during that moment, it allows me to forget the treacherous state of the world around me. Here in Newfoundland we have been fortunate enough to have less than 1000 active cases at its peak, and my heart goes out to everyone who has suffered or are currently suffering. Mental health issues have gained the attention it required in recent years, and that is why it is important to work together to get through this universal crisis. I know we can do it.

So, how does this relate to a 2012 song by a band that has since broken up? Well, former lead singer of the band fun. Nate Reuss served as the primary writer for the successful single. Keeping that in mind, the aforementioned track is an anthem demonstrating the willingness to forget about past stressors, and move on. In order for an individual to heal from the past, the best option is proven to be the willingness to "carry on" as the song suggests to listeners. Directly quoting the song, Reuss writes:

If you're lost and alone, and you're sinking like a stone; carry on. May your past be the sound; of your feet upon the ground.(Reuss, 2012)

With respect to the aforementioned line, the speaker is telling us that nothing in the past matters enough to define who we are. Instead, focus on the issue of moving forward and establishing what happens next in our lives. Although the 2012 track contains a large amount of imagery and other content, I will not be focusing on that. Nevertheless, it is important that individuals refuse to let their past mold their future. Furthermore, focusing on the present and living the best life (even during 2020) is a key aspect for ensuring success, and the ability to heal from these COVID-19 experiences. Not to my surprise, 2020 has been a difficult year for myself as well. In order to raise awareness for mental health and its frequency during this pandemic, I have started a Movember fundraiser. The link to my page is as follows:

Note: I hope everyone is safe during these difficult times. Thank you, and take care.

(c) The Modernist Son, 2020

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