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Following the success of my first article regarding the upcoming WWE 2K22, I've decided to make a second post of small things I'd like to see in the game. In terms of storyline purposes during gameplay, I believe it's the small things that actually matter to keep fans satisfied. More specifically, I'm a big fan of Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth (2002), such that items on this list will be inspired by that game (at least some of them).

Tournament Mode (playable in WWE Universe):

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The last time we saw "tournament" as a playable mode (in WWE universe) was 2014's WWE 2K15. Interestingly, WWE tournaments have actually been more significant since then- yet this game mode is absent from universe. Not surprisingly, fans mostly play universe mode, aside from each game's exciting career mode. Playing universe mode allows fans to play out their WWE fantasy booking, and create their own storylines. The Dusty Rhodes Classic was first established for then-developmental NXT in order to produce new talents, as well as honour the late Dusty Rhodes (back in 2015).

Personally, I'm a big fan of this tournament and I'm especially happy this year (2021) was the first time we saw a women's tournament of the same name.

Here's the problem: since universe mode is a separate entity from exhibition, all teams that exist in universe mode would have to be re-created outside of that mode. Furthermore, it means more work for players to create everything the way they want, only for it to not even correspond with the main universe mode.

With respect to tournament mode in universe, I really hope they bring this back. I'm a big fan of NXT, and I want to be able create this type of tournament in universe mode for storyline purposes- it would be so much fun. I was playing WWE 2K20 the other day, and Drew Gulak won a tournament to face the Universal Champion. This was in universe mode, so of course there was not actual tournament- it was just Gulak winning matches on episodes of Smackdown.

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Another example, Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez won the inaugural Women's Dusty Cup. However, they failed to win the WWE Tag Team Titles following miscommunication with the referee. Nevertheless, just a week later the new belts were created for the NXT brand, and they were the first team to hold them.

Although Kai and Gonzalez lost the titles the same night, doesn't that make the storyline more captivating and interesting? That's the kind of things I want to be able to do in WWE games, going forward.

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More freedom in Falls Count Anywhere matches:

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I actually didn't own a PlayStation 2 until 2006, so it was by chance I found a copy of "Shut Your Mouth" at E.B. Games in the summer of 2008. I must confess, this will always be one of my favourite wrestling video games. Not only was the season mode interesting, but players could basically go wherever they wanted during falls count anywhere matches. These areas included a busy plaza, the boiler room, and even fighting in the streets.

In 2015 and 2016, WWE 2K provided players with more freedom when it comes to arena exploration during matches. However, it's not even close to what the 2002 game did. As previously mentioned, the "little things" are really important when it comes to wrestling games and creating storylines. Keeping that in mind, I want to play a REAL street fight. Yes, the match must end in the ring, but I want to be able to go everywhere possible before that happens. In terms of falls count anywhere matches, what if the match literally ended in the crowd? For instance, look at where this match ends:

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A playable copy of "Here Comes the Pain" (remaster):

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Fans have occasionally been talking about the rumour of a Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain remaster, since 2019. Although that most likely won't happen, just imagine this:

Fans pre-order WWE 2K22, and open the game when they get home-assuming they bought the physical copy. When the wrestling fan opens the game case, there's another disc hidden behind 2K22. It hasn't been promoted, but it's a full version of a remastered HCTP. Now, wouldn't that be a nice surprise?

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