"My Lovely Lady" a poem from my upcoming book #horror #poetry

©The Modernist Son

I wrote about 1/3 of my next poetry book today, so here's another preview of one of the poems. This next poetry book will focus on #horror, as well as the #paranormal. This poem is based on the "white lady" ghost.

"My Lovely Lady"

Students believe she's just a mere legend; yet her broken heart symbolizes 1,000 lives over

Known by most around the world, my White lady comes to me in my time of dying

Death is our final destination, no matter how much we try to avoid it

But why live our lives worrying about death? It's inevitable regardless of our attempts to make alterations to science and medicine

She and I have a common destiny, our heart will be shattered by true love's efforts and virtue

My white lady suffered a fatal fall, her romantic association with kitchen aids led to her demise

As I lay bedridden, my physical anatomy ceases to exist as the leaves decay outside my window

But she continues to remain by my side- she's my only hope in this carnival of night

The darkness begins to surround me, as she is my only source of lumination whiIe I close my eyes forever

©The Modernist Son, 2020-2021. All Rights Reserved. Atlantic Canada.

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