Mystery off the Coast of Australia...

Throughout my life, I have been fascinated by the supernatural. In saying that, the concept of a "ghost ship" has remained interesting for centuries. Ships appear on the horizon, and sometimes we have no idea how they got there, or where they came from.

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However, this does not always refer to ghosts, or other things that go "bump in the night." In some cases, ghost ships are vessels that have been traversing the world's oceans for periods of time, without anyone on board. Of course, these ghost ships are often empty. Abandoned, and leave us with more questions than answers.

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A few days ago, I was watching some internet videos about world history. While browsing the internet, I learned of the ghost ship called "Jian Seng." Back in 2006, this vessel was spotted about 180 km off the coast of Queensland, Australia.

"Jian Seng."

Once those working for the Australian Coastwatch investigated the ship, it was soon discovered there was no crew on board. It was empty. Although the ship was viewed as inoperable, and had a broken tow rope, there was no obvious sign of violence of illegal activities. More specifically, it is highly likely the vessel was not used for things such as human smuggling.

Within the next little while, large quantities of rice were found on board of the Jian Seng. Therefore, it's possible this ship was used for resupply of other vessels. However, one of the most interesting aspects of this story is there is no way of determining where the ship came from. Despite the fact it is believed the ship was being transferred for scrap when its tow rope had broken, it makes me wonder what happened to the crew? How long was this ship roaming the earth? Who are the men and women that worked on this ship, and are they still around?

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