Nintendo and the Dystopian World!


Expected for a spring 2022 release, Kirby and the Forgotten Land reinforces the revival of modernism. For the first time, a mainline video game from the "Kirby" franchise is taking place in a dystopian world.

This game was first revealed at the September 23, 2021 Nintendo Direct. As a Nintendo fan, this event is something I've always looked forward to. When I got my Nintendo Switch in 2020, it truly changed my gaming experience. I've always enjoyed handheld gaming, and this has become the best handheld experience- ever. At least from my own experiences.


In terms of this new "Kirby" game, viewers will notice in the trailer, the titular character is washed ashore. Kirby finds himself on a mysterious island, which is a dystopian motif. In recent weeks, my sales have increased on my books. Perhaps this means I can justify a pre-order of the new Kirby game, next year.

So, there's something else to discuss. Myself and The Modernist Son member, Cory Sellars are working on a volume of poetry. This book will be titled "Cosmo and the Revolution". Here are some samples:

What are your thoughts? Thanks for stopping by!

The Modernist Son, 2020-2021.

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