Okay, I'll accept the challenge and face the ultimate evil...

©Diablo 3

I've decided that I'm buying myself a birthday present this year: "Diablo 3" for Nintendo Switch.

Although the Diablo franchise released its first title in 1996 (the same year I was born), I have never actually played it. With that in mind, games from Blizzard Entertainment have remained quite popular.

©Diablo 2

Apparently this is coming to Nintendo Switch, and it looks quite interesting.

I must confess, I don't know much about the franchise but it looks quite interesting. Of course some individuals might be against this idea, I usually buy myself one new video game for my birthday and for Christmas, each year.

My twenty-fifth birthday is next month, and I play my Nintendo Switch more than any other console. Since I have been a gamer for the last eighteen years, I believe it's time I play the Diablo franchise. Also, I've become a big fan of role-playing games since 2016.

©Diablo 3

Growing up in the 2000s, I remember kids talking about it. For example, you would hear kids say "Brandon, there's this really good game for PC called Diablo."

Unfortunately at the time, I didn't even own a computer. Jump ahead to 2021, I don't own a gaming PC. However, I do have a Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. In terms of my birthday next month, I believe it's time I take a chance at saving Tristram from the ultimate evil- Diablo himself!


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