"Our own Versatile Zoo"

©Brandon Skanes

As part of this graduating class, we've embarked on an unforgettable mission

Together, we stand tall as friends, allies, and even mortal enemies

Yet, the status of these relationships cannot define who we are at the end of the year

Strip away the flesh and bone; we are a family of kinship and loyalty

A community which exists in our minds, and the physicality of liminal spaces

©Brandon Skanes

In the near future, our lives will begin to change

We don't strive for materialism; when living in our own versatile zoo

Instead, we focus on our deepest desires from freedom and excellence

Nothing can compare to this moment in time; as the clocks of mortality slowly grow near

We've made it this far, and the best is yet to come

Take a look around, and understand we are all the same

We seek similar aspirations, and have known each other our entire lives

This community... is more than just a small town

These streets we walked as young people, will be the gateway to our future

Without a doubt; we've done this as family

©The Modernist Son, 2020-2021. Atlantic Canada. All Rights Reserved.

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