Last night I've decided that I'm going to be working on another #horror collection. Although I'm working on a third poetry collection about life, love, and experience, I will be returning to horror as well.

©Brandon Skanes

This upcoming horror collection will be called Destroying the Summit, and will be released at some point over the next year.

I will be including my previous poems from the horror genre, however, there are also several new poems that will be included.


At just twenty-eight years old The Warrior had grown tired

Exhausted by the laborious demands of others; The Capital was indefinitely working against him

His services should not be taken with ease, as he knows this land more than all

Even those before him could not survey the land as well as Wilson Pike

Despite his knowledge of the land and unimaginable skills, residents felt it was "no harm" to demand favours beyond his limitations

They continued to test his patience as if his own welfare lacked true significance

People like this... make good men turn evil

By 2040, Wilson Pike was the leader of the "Green Patrol Capital" mercenaries

It was them; the other mercenaries used The Warrior

With his Golden Retriever as his one true companion, Wilson Pike embarked for GPC safe house

No one was truly protected from Pike; as the hero of the modern world could no longer maintain his composure

©The Modernist Son. 2020-2021. Atlantic Canada. All Rights Reserved.

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