Playing Video Games to Reduce Stress- The Modernist Son

Credit: DontheBanker via #XboxShare

During these uncertain times, playing video games has really helped me with my mental health. Looking at this screenshot taken on Xbox One (see above), I have been drafted to the Winnipeg Jets in the latest video game based on the National Hockey League; which is "NHL 20". Playing video games offers players a chance to escape to an alternate world, even if that world is fantasy sports video games. I have mentioned in previous blog entries that I am a fan of the role playing video game genre, but sports simulators such as the "NHL" franchise and "Forza Motorsport" are also among my favourites. Not to anyone's surprise, sales for the Nintendo Switch (first launched in 2017) have further exceeded expectations during the initial quarantine from COVID-19. I must confess, I am among those Nintendo Switch buyers and consumers. Last May, I bought a Nintendo Switch after wanting the console since late 2018. It has been one of the best decisions I made when it comes to my life as a gamer, and playing games such as "Pokemon: Sword/Shield" played a major role in reducing stress and anxiety during these uncertain times. As a result of a global pandemic, gamers have been able to invest much more time into their gaming regimen. Keeping that in mind, this is exactly what we need right now; something that makes us happy. Playing video games during quarantine prepared me for my eventual return to work and "real" life, and this concept has played a significant role in the lives of many as the world recovers and shows its strength.

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