Promo for an upcoming #horror collection! #themodernistson

Hello followers of #themodernistson, how are you? This blog post will be a little bit different. In the last week or so I started working on a new poetry book.

Unlike my science fiction collection, this time I will be focusing exclusively on horror. So, the following is a sample from my next book. Before we get to the new poem, readers can also buy my first book #escapingthesummit, right here:

"Hold your Breath"

Deep within the caverns of your mind, there is a nocturnal creature which will determine your everlasting fate

The creature hunts its pray between every meal, and cleanses the gaps between its teeth with the remains

This creature knows nothing else, other than the anticipation of running freely through the darkness of twilight; feeding off our energy as we slowly collapse under the pressure

Despite its success and effectiveness, this creature will not recognize you by sight

Once the creature claims a hint of your bodily scent, don't bother to pack your bags

You have done this to yourself, and there will never be anyone else to blame

Remember that... and run for your fucking life

©The Modernist Son, 2020-2021. All Rights Reserved. Atlantic Canada.

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