Quebec's "White Lady"

La Dame blanche de la chute Montmorency:

When Europeans arrived in Canada (or Rupert's Land) before 1600, it wasn't long before settlers were appearing all over what Newfoundlanders (my home province) call the "main land". What is now Montreal, was one of the earliest trading outposts in Canada following European contact. In today's blog post, we are going to discuss Quebec's version of the "White Lady" ghost.

"Fair use". Depiction of the Bonsecours Market and Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel in Montreal, 1853.

I'm not a native French speaker, although I can speak the language to some extent. Of course, that's probably not surprising as a native of Canada. I've lived in Newfoundland my entire life, and had to take French as a "second language" credit while doing my first degree at Memorial University.

This rock which depicts an "alien" (at least what popular media tells us), can be found in Bowring Park of St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.

In terms of the white lady ghost, Canada has its own version of the story. So, it's not just Europe or Central America telling the world about a "woman in white"- although those stories might be more famous.

"Fair use"

A Canadian legend from the 1700s refers to the sudden death of a young canadienne woman. Of course, “canadienne” refers to settlers which came from France and started a life in what is now Montreal. Yes, that is the reason for the popular team of the National Hockey League (NHL).

The story goes something like this:

A young woman was awaiting her wedding day with the love of her life. Soon, she and her love were to meet at Montmorency Falls just outside Quebec City. Waiting patiently, time continued to roll on with no sign of her lover. The sky had changed colour, as night approached. The young woman started to worry- where could he be?

"Fair use"

After waiting for quite some time, the young man never arrived. The young canadienne woman soon learned her husband-to-be was killed in battle, against the British at the battle of Beauport.

Following this horrific news, the young woman committed suicide by throwing herself over the falls- in the place the next chapter of her life was supposed to begin. According to legend, anyone who goes near the falls whether it's day or night, they might cross paths with the "White Lady".

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