Save Us

Photo by: Patrick Perkins

The scientists were to blame; at least that's how the warrior felt

His embodiment had been consumed by the ghosts of his past; and the sickness around him

What bothered him the most; people blamed HIM

Human beings had not set foot on earth in twenty-five years; yet some remained on the desolate rock

The devoured souls that remained on the age-old planet; they were such as vulnerable as the warrior

Following his refusal to leave earth; the warrior continues to wander

In spite of this; his journey never ends

Someone out there needs to save him; the warrior needs our help

The Capital is failing; and the warrior cannot do this on his own

The Capital has become a volcanic wasteland of human souls; creeping upon a grave-stricken plateau of human ignorance- the warrior continues to stand alone

Water has become an item of limited supply, which no longer surprised the warrior

Those that remained on GAIA, they hid underground from people like the warrior

"Save us" they cried, but who in the name of Hades was going to save him?

©The Modernist Son, 2021. All Rights Reserved. Atlantic Canada.

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